Terms & Agreement

  • Cancellation of Services

    Monthly Classes-Non Team/Non City

    In the event, you choose to drop a class or withdraw from Bling Tour, notification must be provided in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 30 days in advance to ensure your account does not incur any further charges for the preceding month. All other fees on the account must be paid prior to Bling Tour closing your account.

    City of Surprise Classes

    There is no need to cancel your registration if your child chooses not to participate in the next session. Simply do not register for the next session. In the event you do register, fees are due by the start of class and no refunds will be provided. If paying through the City of Surprise Recreation Portal, please contact the City directly for all inquiries.

  • Class Scheduling & Changes

    Bling Tour reserves the right to combine classes, change times, provide substitute teachers or replacement teachers, and cancel any class or rehearsals. These decisions will be made at the discretion of the Leadership Team.

  • Class Procedures

    Please have your student arrive five minutes prior to class/rehearsal start time. Proper warm-ups are critical at the beginning of class and are vital to preventing injuries. Students should arrive dressed in the proper attire and shoes for each class. All students must wear their hair up at all times and also must wear tights, leotard and hair in bun for all ballet classes. Additionally, dance/cheer/tumbling shoes are not to be worn on the street. Please be sure your child only wears their dance/cheer/tumbling shoes in our facility and during performances/competitions. It is imperative that street shoes are not worn on our spring and Marley floors. Proper attire is critical for student success in class.

  • Code of Conduct

    Bling Tour is committed to building not only skill, but character and commitment. Positive character and commitment to their team/class creates trust and friendship as well as increases their social skill development preparing them for the real world. Bling Tour under no circumstance tolerates bullying, cyber bullying or negative use of social media within our Bling Tour community and beyond. In the event a student engages in this type of behavior, they will be communicated to (along with their parent) and provided a warning for this behavior. In the event the issue persists, Bling Tour will remove the student from our facility and all tuition and fees will be forfeited. No refunds will be provided.

    How we treat others in our facility and community is very important to Bling Tour. We feel, however, that this key ingredient of positive vibes will move us toward developing a an incredible company through trust and love for one another. This philosophy is unique to Bling Tour and what sets us apart. Please communicate with your child about this policy as this is non-negotiable. It is our goal to help develop amazing human beings to become positive contributing members of our society. We have seen these skills can be developed as early as 2 years old and expect all students to exhibit and represent Bling Tour in a positive manner.

  • Company & Team Contracts

    All Companies (Dance, Ballet, Theatre, etc.) and Teams (Cheer, TNT, Performing, etc.) sign a separate contract outlining the terms and conditions for their participation in these special programs. Companies and Teams require varying levels of commitment in term of finances and time. This information is outlined in-depth in each program contract and required for participating teams.

  • Discounts

    Bling Tour provides a variety of discounts for our monthly classes and teams. Discounts may not be combined with any other discount and City of Surprise Classes are not eligible for any discounts as these classes are already offered at an extremely discounted rate. Please contact our front office for our discount options.

  • Failure to Pay

    Bling Tour is not in the business of causing financial hardship to any of our families. However, we are providing a high quality service and experience and it is expected that all families will pay on time and keep their accounts up-to-date. As a result, keeping accounts up-to-date should not be taken lightly. In the event account balances are behind 30 days or more, you will first be asked to remove your child from all classes until you are able to get caught up on your account. In the event you are not able to get caught up, you will be completely removed from our facility. Following 3 months of non-payment, Bling Tour will begin the collection process.

  • Forms of Payment


    All accounts are required to maintain a credit card on file and automatic withdrawal is required for tuition. The only exception to this policy is for families opting to pay their tuition in full for the entire season. There are absolutely no refunds for tuition payments regardless if paying monthly or for the full season.

    Other Fees

    All other fees may be paid with cash, check and/or credit card. A $25 return check fee will be added onto all insufficient funded checks. In the event, payments for other fees are not paid within 5 business days of their scheduled due date, you will receive notification and your credit card on file will be charged immediately.

  • Observance

    Regularly Scheduled Classes

    Our highly experienced instructors have the discretion to allow window observation of all classes. In the event the curtains are closed, this is for the benefit of our students. Students are often distracted by their parents and our classes require full attention. Instructors have the discretion to keep their curtains open or closed. Please refrain from entering our classrooms at any time unless requested by our instructor. Our instructors have been thoroughly vetted and passed a background check as we are a certified USA Gymnastics Gym. In the event a family member is visiting from out-of-state and would like to observe, please submit this special request to their instructor who has the final approval whether to grant this request.

    Company/Team Classes & Rehearsals

    Observance of all classes and rehearsals is not permitted by team parents. Bling Tour will host closed rehearsals for our teams. This is for the benefit of our students so as to not cause distraction in their classes. This is also to benefit parents by limiting time spent in the hallways. Parents will be provided ample opportunity to observe their child during our performances, competitions, etc. In the event a family member is visiting from out-of-state and would like to observe, please submit this special request to their instructor who has the final approval whether to grant this request.

  • Photo Release

    In accepting this release, you provide your permission for photographs and video of your child in class, performances, competitions and Bling Tour events to be used in promotional material for Bling Tour in both print and web publications. (If you do not provide Bling Tour permission to utilize your child's photograph or videos, please submit the appropriate form at the front desk).

  • Positive Parent Involvement

    Parent involvement and positive interactions are critical to your child's success. Your ability to role model positive behavior is infectious and will make a significant difference regarding your child's experience at Bling Tour. Bling Tour does not tolerate negative behavior, comments or vibes in our facility. We work diligently to provide our students the most love and care through a positive child development philosophy which includes structure, discipline and fun. Your positive comments go a long way in encouraging your child as well as our instructors. In the event a parent is participating in gossip or spreading negativity, Bling Tour will communicate directly with the parent. If the behavior persists, the parent and student will be removed from our facility. This policy is put in place to support all of our amazing families, students and instructors who are extremely positive and to remove all negative behavior from our space.

  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons are at the discretion of the student's families and their instructor. All fees shall be paid directly to the instructor. However, in the event families are behind on tuition/other fees, private lessons will not be allowed until accounts are caught up-to-date. It is not our goal to prepare other students for non-Bling Tour teams. All private lessons will only be granted to students who are actively enrolled in classes at Bling Tour. The only exception is for High School Cheer Team Cheer Team Members. All private lessons hosted in our facility must first be approved by our Leadership Team. Finally, privates are not allowed to be scheduled during a time where classes are occurring in the designated room as our first priority is to our Bling Tour classes and teams paying for the space. For questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Prorating

    Monthly Studio Classes (non-team)

    Bling Tour will prorate after the 15th of the month and accounts will be charged $15 per class.

    City of Surprise Classes

    As the City of Surprise classes run every six weeks and they are offered at such an incredible rate, Bling Tour does not prorate these classes. Please wait till the next session to enroll.


    Bling Tour does not prorate for late start for our team students as we provide above and beyond the number of hours covered by monthly tuition throughout the entire season. In the event Bling Tour invites a student to join our team following the start of the season, the full tuition for the starting month is required. Appropriate payment at the start of their first class will be required to ensure the student is caught up to date with all fees and payment schedule. It is our goal that all students will begin at the initial launch date of the season.

  • Refunds

    Bling Tour also does not provide refunds once the class has begun. In the event a registrant cancels their participation in a class, the full monthly or session tuition is still do. In the event Bling Tour cancels a class, we will provide registrants a refund for the class cancelled (classes may be prorated if partial services have been rendered). Refunds are only provided in the event Bling Tour cancels a class.

  • Waiver of Liability

    Bling Tour LLC recognizes our obligation to ensure our students and their parents are aware of the risks and hazards involved in the sport of dance, cheer and tumbling. By accepting these terms and conditions, you release Bling Tour LLC, its Staff, and the City of Surprise and its Staff, and the Dysart Unified School District and its Staff from all claims on account of any injury which may be sustained by you or your child while attending any Bling Tour classes, events associated with Bling Tour LLC, or other outside rehearsals and performances (including camps and preseason assessments and auditions). In accepting this waiver, you are affirming that you currently have and will continue to carry proper primary medical, health, hospitalization and accident insurance which is adequate for the protection of you, your child, and Bling Tour LLC. By signing below, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.